Saturday, May 30, 2015

SRX1291257376ID - Bing Support Follow Up

Dear Giovani,


Re: Service Request 1291257376


This is Nina with Bing Ads Support. I'm sending this email as a follow up on our chat conversation regarding the delivery of your ads. The review is already done and I am glad to note that your ads are delivering now.


As of today, you already got 1,426 impressions and 4 clicks for campaign Beats N Geeks Soundk Blog. While waiting for the review, I have thoroughly checked your account and noted some opportunities for your ads to deliver well along with recommendations. Please check details below.


1.       Average position- this is the average position of your keywords on a specific time frame. 1st-4th line is located on the upper part of the page while 5th-6th line shows on the side part of the page. Since bid changes from time to time, thus, this will not guarantee that whenever you search your ads, you'll get to have the same ad position. Also, if you check each keyword, you'll see that the average position differs from each other. Bid plays a big role in determining the ad position of your keywords.


2.       Your current bid is enough to get you on the first page, however, it is not high enough to be on the mainline and top spot. If you check the bid estimation tab on your account (located on the keyword page, beside "Make bulk changes" sub tab), you will be able to see the suggested bid to be on the mainline and best position (top ad spot).


Please do not hesitate to respond to this email should you need further assistance regarding this matter. You may also contact us via chat or phone and reference the service request number mentioned above.


Thank you for choosing Bing Ads.




Nina, Bing Ads Accredited Professional


Office: 1-800-518-5689



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