Sunday, July 26, 2015

Chief Keef’s Hologram Concert is No More

According to HYPETRAK, Chicago police had shut down the Chief Keef's hologram concert. A clip of the crackdown was uploaded via Instagram. The concert was originally supposed to be in Chicago, but was soon moved to Craziest Hip Hop festival in Hammond Indiana after Chicago officials banned it at its first location.

A couple of weeks ago, one of Chief Keef's close friends, Capo, was killed in a shooting in Chicago. What made matters worst was that one year-old Dillon Harris was also killed during the shooter's escape. After hearing the news, Keef announced that he would throw a beneficial concert to stop the violence in the Windy City. However, there were several public officials, from a local pastor to the mayor of the city, that opposed the concert. Check out the Instagram clip, as well as a news package that caught a couple of moments from the brief concert.

Instagram Photo