Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mobb Deep Talks 50 Cent’s Grip On The Rap Game & Race Not Mattering (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent may be filing for bankruptcy, but the New Yorker's current financial situation does not diminish his accomplishments as a Hip Hop star. Fellow Queens natives Mobb Deep spoke with Montreality about 50's impact on the rap game.

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"I think [50 Cent] totally has a grip on the rap game, and he became super-uber rich off of it. So he already accomplished what he needed to," said Havoc. "I'm sure that 50 could come to Montreal right now and perform in front of a sold out crowd. I don't think that's anything less than a grip. That is a real grip. He's a superstar. He's bigger than his music."

The former G-Unit members were also asked what they feel is the biggest lie in the world. Havoc focused his answer on race relations, and Prodigy agreed with Hav's statements.

"The biggest lie ever told is that skin color matters. That's the biggest one of all time," Havoc stated. "We all have the same heart, same blood. I could give a Jewish person my blood if he needed a transfusion if it matched. We're all human."

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Watch Mobb Deep's interview below.

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